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How We Price

At ImagineAir, we pride ourselves on providing the lowest fares in on-demand aviation.

ImagineAir does not charge an hourly use for our aircraft – instead, you only pay an up-front rate for YOUR flight, regardless of where your aircraft originates. Let us worry about those details!

For comparison purposes, ImagineAir’s equivalent hourly rate varies from $400 to $900 per hour inside our service area – the East Coast – and higher rates outside of our service area. The exact price is dependent upon your exact city pairs and departure times. Unlike traditional aircraft charter, these equivalent rates only apply to your route of flight, and we do not charge any repositioning fees. Additionally, this price is for the entire aircraft, which seats up to 3 passengers.

Additional discounts are available through our FlightCard Program

Click here to determine the price for your exact city pair.

Penalties and Voluntary Fees

For any reservation, ImagineAir may add fees (quoted up front) for requests which make our cost of operation significantly rise. Specifically, very early or late departures/arrivals, same-day flight requests, and flights into non-ImagineAir FBO's may incur additional fees.

Day Trips and ImagineFares

Some trips qualify for discounts outside of our standard pricing structure. Round trips from certain cities returning the same day are discounted as much as 40% (may very per route). These fares will be automatically detected after pricing both your departing and return flights on our website.


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