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Our fleet is near capacity for your flight listed below and additional approval is required. To get approved automatically, you can click adjust and move your departure to a window not subject to availability.

If no windows are available or you are not flexible, simply click continue and we'll notify you once we have fit your request into our flight schedule (if possible).


Departure Time

Fares can vary depending on your departure time. Take a look at your fare options below and select the time of your departure. To save up to an additional 20% on the listed prices, consider becoming a FlightCard member!



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ImagineAir's computing and optimization systems are hard at work on your request! Please wait while we examine the best routing to fit your flight(s).


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Searching for the best fares and deals on your flight days.


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Default FBO

is the private terminal that ImagineAir arrives and departs from at . If you would like to be picked up or dropped off at a different terminal, you may specify that later in the reservation process.

Weight Limit

ImagineAir aircraft may not be able to depart if the combined weight of the passengers and baggage exceeds lbs for this leg. In some cases we maybe able to schedule a fuel stop to fulfill this request. Call us at 877-359-4242 or refer to our terms and conditions for more information about weight limitations.

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Inquiries are non-prioritized requests for availability. They will be approved once wait listed requests have been attended. To create an inquiry, simply specify an account with which to associate it.



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